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that is amazing...

Scott P.

How True. Great observation Todd.

pat ellis

hahaha, so true...


You just described EVERY rider in Michigan except for Mat Sparks.


you just described kyle mckenna of hunterdon county new jersey. he is always depressed, and keeps a journal under his bed that he lets no one see. thank you.

wabba caaabaa eq

what you just described are all my friends in the world

luis godina

First off i would like to say that in my opinion being emo and hardcore is just a passing fad, just like new wave in the 80s and grunge in the 90s theres like a whole bunch of kids in my school who wear tight jeans, the old school vans, a hooded sweater with the hood on, and a stud belt that the studs arent event studs theyre just glued on. They obviously have their hair to the side and draw big black X's on their hands. when we talk or whatever they talk about hardcore dancing and all that crap...blah,blah,blah(edited for space) My "friend" practicly crapped his girl pants and was asking me if i was hurt or if i needed anything. In conclusion just because theres all these people doing the same thing it doesnt mean that you have to, just be youre self and youll be good. "I doit and it works for me." lol
P.S. i dont wear girl pants or am in any way like them, i just know them because im practicly the only one who rides in my school and they think that riding is being harcore punk, so i dont talk to them anymore

pat ellis

oh yea, todd, you left out girl pants...

dev cran

hey some of those chic are fine and good in bed


hahaha- I hate stereotypes I hate groups of lookalikes and I hate clihques. You nailed this one on the head. Another passing fad. It's bad enough to be labled, but why are people so lame they must label themselves. Easy answer: Because the world ain't perfect and some people don't have enough personality so they must join a support group (like emo or any other bubblegum trend). Anyways leave being gay to the gay people and be yourself- do what makes you happy, not what makes you fit in- gotta love bmx though and thats what we all have in common.... so????

L-Town Dane

yeah, im pretty emo, but not to the extremes of what todd has cooked up, hahaha, rock for sure..

jim bo bob

you definately summed that up well. but you left out the tight shirt part i think, and the skipping around happily (until they cry themselves to sleep)

rymes with gash

you forgot that most emo guys are super skinny and the girls are super fat who hang out with the skinny guys, and they all look like they have fish hooks stuck in their mouths.

kenny sanders

dude you just described me.
how funny.
we have never met but yet you know me so well.
jee wizz.


hah...thank you todd. That made my week. dont forget white belts and girl pants :)


Haha, everyone is acting as if their gay "bmx" style is much different from the "emo" style. It may have a few subtle differences, but all in all you are all the same, with your big clonking etnies, tight jeans, messy hair, and tight shirts... so oh well. Todd is comparable to Malcolm X in his movement with the youth


...then in the movie they make about my life i want Bruce Willis to play the part of any means necessary!


Todd i think miny me should play you

todd's response: first, do you say that because i'm not very tall? wow, you're a comic genius. second, learn how to spell before you insult anyone (mini)




I FUCKING HATE EMO, go listen to Blood For Blood you whiney bitches, Emo bands are the new wave boy bands


you know what he's got it down.

todd. hows it been? haven't heard anything in awhile, i'll be sure to stop by soon


Hey Todd... awhile back you told me about these 2 movies, one I remember and have seen now (Psychos in Love).. but I can not remember the name of the other one at all and I really want to... it is about outer space buddies all wearing suits and that jazz, can you help me out with the title.


it's called "Bad Taste". it came out in about 1990 and it's a real smoker. watch it now...thank me later

danie lifer

Bikers are gay, i wear my heart on my sleave, ok, is that ok with you? i'm sorry i cry before i go to sleep, you guys don't know me, so who are you to say what's up,
i go blind into the night with my thesaurus so fric you guys

rymes with hash

"fric" dont you mean fuck you meloncoly dork.


Emo is on Ohio time. Get yourself together!

dave dunphy

i am no stereotype. not emo, not hardcore, not preppy, not jock, not skater... whatever i buy what i want and what is comfortable on me... emo kids that wear makeup and always look dreary SUCK. the pants im ok with as long as there not flashing there crack to the world, lol


bad taste is amazing. peter jackson.

daniel fer

you meen M E L O N C H O L Y, Emo is a way of life

Matt Kiefer

HOLY SHIT!!! you just described every person at any skatepark in utah...cough cough kenny cough... except you didn't get the girlpants...

rymes with crash

Emo isnt a way of life its a way of getting attention


tight jeans and shirts are sweet,but girls jeans are just too much in my opinion,Dirty Dan and Chase Hawk are a great example...


The word emo is way over used and its getting old.


I dont know any emo kids but apparently there are tons judging from you guys. All I know is that the music makes me think, man these guys need to try harder.


dude that shit made me bust out laughing in the middle of class. first good thing i've heard all day.

to all you people talking about girl pants:
just about the same number of riders wear girl pants as emo kids, so shuttup.

good job on the description , but you left out all the "hXc" emo kids with their "straight-edge" bullshit trying to preach to people how to live their lives.


last i checked most "hxc" kids hate "emo" and wear army hats instead of black rimmed glasses.

i just can't help it that us straightedge kids are better than everyone. *shrugs shoulders*

*note, before you all start yelling at me, i'm not being very serious in the last line.


emo kids annoy me. i want to print this and stick it all over my school. thank you.



fly rides

i dint say dorks i said fa*s


o man im not only goth im emo 2!


So you all know, Your all fucking losers and need to worry about yourselves! Let the "emo" people be. You so called "riders" arent any better and try to get just as much attention as the "emo" kids do. So get over yourselves and Let It Go! Some people have problems with their life and need to cry once in awhile, or dress to fit their own interests, "write" in little black books to get the anger out instead of kicking everyones ass, TO JUST BE IN THE UNKIND PART OF LIFE! I have alot of emo friends, there isnt nothing wrong with being emo. They live embodiment of hardcore! And there isnt nothing wrong with skateboarding. We may be woodpushers but you all are a bunch of low life metal peddlers! So stop erking everyone else and get a life! Let people stand for who they are, not for what others want them to be. And for the record, tight pants,tight shirts,black rimmed glasses,studded belts,and "emo" kids shoes arent bad! It can actually be a way of telling people to FUCK OFF! And another thing, not all emo chicks are fat! And not all emo guys are skinny! So get your facts straight before you try to use them! ::fucking squares!:: Oh yeah! If someone wants to be straight edge, let them! There isnt a damn thing wrong with that my friends. Smoking is for hackers and drinking is for drunks! (drinking occasionaly isnt that bad, but as long as you dont do it all the time, I'd say its okay) In which my case, I'm straight edge, and proud of it! And no! I'm not telling anyone how to live their life and what they should stand for. I'm just saying..Let people be who they want to be!! And so everyone knows I'm the type of punky chick who likes to have my own style, but i dont cry all the time and try to fit in. Cuz I am friends with all types, and there isnt anything wrong with that. Even though I prefer people of my kind, skaters, I get along with many others!
-X-X-X- Speak Out -X-X-X-


i would have to agree with my best bud erin right above me.. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH EMO its alot better than all the druggies and wiggers out in this world.. not saying that im not friends with those types but damn.. in this world of crime it seems that only people like us... you know EMO, ROCKERS, SKATERS are the only ones to ever be accused of doing things.. we surely arent the ones out doing drugs and raping people now are we?? We are the people with morals and care!!! we are not all fat!! and not all skinny!! i know people who like their shrimp and steak shall i say!!! There are plenty more lifestyles (yes thats right emo is a lifestyle) that people should be judging let alone the on that people POSE to be in just so they think its cool.. so you tell me.. whose wrong and whose right?? Because im proud to be myself so why the hell are you judging me?? go back to your own clique and shove it up your anal!!


once again.... listen to all these jaded people defending a stupid stereotype that they have given themselves. it's kind of like giving yourself a nickname. you just don't do it- screw hardcore backpacking kids who never been to a agnostic front show- crap on all you emo turds- piss on all you goth's and DAMN all you stinky dirty hippies and punks..... HAHAHAHAHAHA


well... emo is fine... i like many "emo" bands... its great music... girl-pants... once again fine with it as long as they don't ... expose anything... i would wear them but.... sounds a little bit like conforming to me... and the "emo disposition", IS forced sometimes... sounds a bit fake, but hey what clique isn't at times... oh and "emo" is most def. not just in the North-East, it's pretty big in Texas even... well in the large cities... haha

oh yeah emo hair= AWESOME... sorry everyone! its true...

Kevin who hates emo

Those two chicks, erin and jessie, are retarded. why are they bothering us and trying to pollute our minds with their straight edge, emo, gay bullshit. Anyone who writes in a gay little journal should go play hide and seek on the freeway. I think it's hilarious how erin says be yourself and all this stupid stuff, but then she has to go and be a hypocrite and bash everyone else for what they do. Gnarly. Girl pants are for girls, so are white belts, and coffee is for people that need to wake up in the morning and go to work. So eat shit and shut up.

steve, the one from redford

my livejournal is xbirthdaycakex, its got the X's but its not emo

slick rick

emo is so over rated....FSW(FREE STYLE WALKING) is where its at these days


Hmm..To the (dork) Kevin. (screw) YOU! I never (freaking) said that I am emo. Your (so) dumb, stop getting so overwhelmed about other people! You all are (bum)holes and need to burn in hell! Let people be who they want to be! And for the (goshdarn) record, I never was judgemental toward anyone! BUT YOU ALL LOSERFACES ARE! Get a life and stop being such (nimrods)! And didnt I say that I am straight edge, yet I am not trying to tell people how to live their life? I think i did! So go back to the 2nd grade and learn to read!


on the money!!!

jigga mayne

im straing edge too..used to be like u people who think" o god life is so hard, such a bitch, gotta drink, or smoke or some other crap just to get by. SHUT UP and grow up,(and maybe ull think i8m gay but the only real way to get past all the pains and do ur best is by nowing god and jesus) do u think ur gunna be able to pull that crap in 15 years, if u do ull be goin no where fast. Hard work is the only way to get anywhere. Yeah life is hard yeah youl always fail at things but becoming some dumb stereotype wont get u anywhere


one time I ate a booger. my cats name is scuzzlebutt. I like cookies.

P.s. Once you all get out of highschool you will see that things like "emo" and "punk" arent practical. Try having 21 credits at University while having a full time job. In the end its the "nerds" that win. :D



This whole thing is stupid. The worst part about this whole argument is the spelling and grammar. Go back to grade school you morons. Erin that is very harsh to tell people to burn in hell. I have lots of friends who are "emo" and they are emo because their life is shit, but their life is shit because they are emo. They kind of screwed themselves so I think the whole thing is dumb. Emo kids never give me the impression of telling me to fuck off. It gives me the impression of please don't beat me up. But be "emo" if you want. Oh and the modern idea of emo is messed up. The original emo kids wore plain t-shirts, straight jeans and work boots and had shaved heads. See Rites of Spring and Embrace. So this is a load of crap. All you new emo kids are little pussies who think its cool to be different. And it is cool to be different, but not when you are all the same.


emo, thats all i have to say, the 10 steps descibes THEM perfectly. here in murrieta there is an overpopulation of emo fags, like me. also , nobody, and i mean nobody, is on aitkens more nuts than me. i have a starbucks gift card for 1000 dollars. but everytime i go, i spend at least 40.if joe riley was a pair of tight jeans, i would wear them all the time, even in the shower, oh wait i dont take showers. about one year ago, before i became emo, i was on the metal mulishas' balls. i have an overexsevive fetish for acting like im going to stab somebody with a knife.


hahahahah emo people are nothing but stuck up crying rich people who whine about how much there life sucks when they realy are just spoiled rotten....

jeff tabb

emo is Great
straight edge is Great
fat girls are Great
gay is Great

michael s

Posted by: michaels | January 14, 2005 11:16 PM


i dont remember saying that, i would have said...

emo kids in my school get annoying when they come up to our tables with their guitars and sing lousy songs with their crappy voices. end.


oh wait i didnt say that haha i said "emo kids annoy me. i want to print this and stick it all over my school. thank you." and i did, and ive heard like 10 kids go "have you seen those emo flyers on the walls?"


Yeah.. You all are real flippin cool! Why dont you guys knock it off and go make a darn quesa-dilluh!


woodpushers kick ass!


Billy- I agree

SKAFiA bitches

wow, i guess everyone is goth or emo these days....


Hmm..Not really! Is there something you are trying to say here? Or can you just not impel yourself to say it? Yes! Judgmental is the keyword here. HaHaHa!


hahhahahahahaha i love it

me or them, whomever

hmmm....everyone should just ski instead and wear the colorfull spandex....problem solved


dang, people are still comenting on this.the emo trend and girl pants are just the in style, like the mullet was. the trend will fade and few people will still be emo with girl pants and they will be laughed at because some new trend is in effect. the same thing happened to the mullet.




I stopped reading after Ian's post and totally agree with him. I don't even have a job and being in college has made me grow up and showed me that stereo types don't work.

We'll just say if you knew me in high shool you would think I wasn't a sorority girl.
Guess what...

Enough with the stereotyping and get over it. People are people and whatever they wanna do is what they're gonna do.

Though I would like to say I did find this VERY amusing because it DID explain the "emo" scene VERY well... but still.


Oh and Erin, after you get out of grade school, then we can talk. :0)


Last one...

And please stop killing a great movie with your semi-quotes from it.


i ride a pink spanish fly; what does that make me?

x E x M x O x x S x U x Cx K x S x

Love my name, eh? Honestly though, I can stand all minority groups except emo. Kids who are spoiled rotten walking around school depressed, skipping PE class so that can sit in a corner all period... god dam. Dont care what color skin, religion, amount of money, but emo kids just get under my hair for some reason. Honestly, ive gone through a lot, but ive learned to control it and not frickin slit my wrists. Seriously people.

Im the kinda guy who loves classic rock mostly, and emo is just 40-year old rich white guys with hot wives and nice cars crying into a microphone. STFU already!

Actually, one group bugs me more than emos. Posers. People who think they skate/BMX/surf but cant at all.


no it really doesnt. fools.


since when are all emos supposedly "sXe"
i hate knowing a punk band turned sXe into an emo trend! thats dumb, straight edge has nothing to do with emo!
but i hate emo! i dont really care for the happy emo kids but the whiny ones are annoying. One dude up there said something about hxc kids wear army hats to be different from emos

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