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toothpicks are fun

dave dunphy

cool. i saw codys vid and he ate shit hard on that tucknohander. hes real good. what other sponsors does he have?

cody bowers

albes is real cool! They hook everyone up that no one has heard of and leave the locals to hang dry. Just because albes takes 2$ off your final sale price, does not mean albes supports the local riders. Albes does nothing but worry about profits and acting is if they support Michigan riders. Fuck albes and everything they they pretend to be about!!

michigan rider

cody bowers did not write that comment. All apologizes cody, but you just made me think of how albes is a lot of talk and no fuckin action. All they are about is talking shit, profits and making fun of trends, as if the workers where not trendy themselves!!


okay, those last comments are WAY off base. you obviously are not paying any attention to the stuff we do around here. just a few of the dozens of local riders that we help out include Josh Steir, Vinnie Vasquez, Matt Sirevelli, Mat Sparks, Jason Suchan, Chris Hatfield, Ted, Beeler & Elliott Van Orman. we've taken care of all the local riders that went on to become pro as well like Taj, Mike Ardelean and Ron Kimler. the list is a lot bigger but i won't waste the effort sipmly to prove your statement wrong. just because you, personally, don't feel you're getting the deals you think you deserve doesn't mean we don't take care of the local riding communittee. we've held countless contests and demos and sponsored almost every local event that other people put on. i can't believe i even feel as though i have to defend ourselves about this. as for being in this solely for profit...first, the profits made from selling things pay bills. simple. selling stuff base ONLY on profit would mean that we didn't care about the brands or quality of the products we sell which, again, if you know anything at all about us you will realize you are wrong. why do we have Premium frames on sale? because we got them cheaper from Haro. we could have kept the price the same and made the extra profit or not dropped the price as much as we did. and if you've ever been to our retail store you may have noticed the $5 dollar t-shirt rack and the discontinued shoe section...those are all WAY below what we paid for the stuff. and the "we're all trendy" thing is just a joke, right? bottom line...we can't sponsor/support everyone that rides a BMX bike. if you think you're worthy of more then prove it. have you done something that you thought we should have helped with? just to ask for better deals and expect to get them is crap. i could go on for pages about how offended (and kind of sad) this post has gotten me but i now must get back to profiting from the broken dreams of half-assed bike riders and laughing about it on my way to the bank with the giant sacks of money we've made off your dreams but, maybe i'm wrong. maybe i'm only looking from the inside. do any of the rest of you local riders share these feelings? jot 'em if you got 'em but please have a better argument than just "i want better deals just because i live near the store".


you're kidding right???? you don't know us very well do you????

i ride a little bike

i just wanna slap cody bowers(the one that posted) and mighigan rider till they realize how good albes has been to ALL of us riders!!!!!

albes blows

hey todd, as i have previously states on this board you are still a super cute fellow!!

alex kobylarz

hi my name is alex im jordan beaudries best bud and boy albe's is the best skateshop ive been to in a long time man jordan was right you guys are really cool the skaters on the team are really good especially jordan i think personally hes the best on the team but mello yello well i never seen him skate but jordan sirecly omg AMAZE"S me like yesterday i saw him 3 flip an 8 stair first try FIRST the only bad thing at albe's is that every time i go there with jordan is that they always make me and hiiim smile i think that pisses him off but it doesn't it just makes him want to skate more i personally went there by my self once and bought some rowley classics GOOD let me tell yA and ps i really want to be sponsored by albe's too so please todd let me tell ya im not arron hall the kid jordan showed you his sponsor tape that sucked ass yeah mine will be way better unless you hook a brother up and just let me on the team cuzz im jordans friend and really nice and told everyone about albes anyway and i heard it from jordan but please just sponsor me please im desperate and you are my fav skateshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

aaron hall

whoa alex is gay and fat i m Aron hall and im pissed todd the robot what the hell is that.

He wouldn't let me be on the team and geese i need a sponsor reaally bad cuzz im poor and live in a fuckin trailer park please just give me a chance oor make a wish 4 me at make a wish foundation ill appreciate it very much


dude i just heard about this aron and alex thing and just to tell you. Aron here's a lil tip you get all your crap low to the ground and your style sucks hey im being brutely honest here you should try to get all your crap high as hell and get your consistensy up cuzz it sucks horribly no wonder your not on pop+top skateteam. And alex you should not be scared to do anything i mean just go 4 stuff and you need to get your consitensy up to but your style and tricks are good thats all i need to say oh and ALBE's is awesome locals support it

ryan martinezz

hey im ryan jordans step bro and alex is a fat fuck and shits out beeferoni and aron is a poor bitch and flicks weeners

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