The Albe's BMX Blog Albe's BMX Mail Order: Demo derby 06' update # 1

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nice work. i hope you guys get pretty loose! flipper, i still haven't seen that bus in person, but it looks reaaaalll sassy...with albes logos and everything! woot.


hell yeah to sparks and crew way to kill it at all times i got mad love for yall but dont forget about your albes boys on the west coast killin it at malls and being treated like rock stars even though we probably shouldnt haha but dont worry ill have more crazy stories when i get back then you can shake a stick at thats it for now love vin, ron, and stew.

Ben P.

sweet. i cant wait to see you guys agai nthis year. last year i was one of the kids who carried your cars hood across the fair grounds just to score a free albes shirt. i lost that fucking shirt because one of my friends wipped some puke up after a parrty with it and then threw it out. shit.

Ben P.

oh yeah. you think you guys could get me into the pits for the derby? ill do some crazy shit for payment. my names ben. ill find you guys.


kyle barnhatrs head is enormous!


flip, were you a little crispy when you weaved this tale? it is filled with more mis-spellings and typos than your normal 10%...seems like a good time though and tell Sparks that the W.S.Wiper makes me happy

big nick

looks like you guys are having some good fun....

Tena Sparks

Matt fixed the wheel by running over it with the bus???!!! Sounds more like he was pissed off big time...but this tactic worked for him. I laughed til I cried. Have fun.
Ma Sparks


HEY GUYS!!! you killed it at X-Dreams sunday. You guys are a blast. Karaoke at the lumber yard was soooo sweet. You are more than welcome to come back to the park anytime! See ya round

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