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big dick!


sparks still=vampeir


Most dumbest idea ever ! sparks wins!


this shits dumb, matt sparks i hope ur top tube collapses and your are seriosuly injured for life, j/k but u shoudl learn new tricks that involve the cut out

pee sha

lolo!!!!!!1olololol!!!!!!!!llllololololololololol !!!!!1hhahahahahhahhahhhahahhaha !!!!!!!!!!ololololololololoolola ahhahhhhahhahahahha!!!!!!!!! hahalolololloahaha hahahahaolololol!!!!!!!!! ahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!

pee sha

thats the second dumbest thing I've ever seen, only topped by removing the seat tube in the first place-

misc.'s really sad that this stupid subject stirs up more emotion than the Steven Murray interview.




i still want to know what the purpose of the cut out was if it was for weight. and i hope he doesnt run his brake cable like that for long, his brakes must feel sooo shitty like that.


stop slacking and get up those boi's sir, thank you!!! the people want to know about the stunters.......

bike rider

Put a roll of TP on there. That would look sweet.


did the top tubeflex alot when u at down ??


would need a clamp at the bottom to be of any real benefit


adding extra shrapnel to the impending crash is a real good idea...

Cody Fulford

One time i cut my seat tube off too...three days later i fell and fire shot out......just warning him..


I am pretty sure that just added more weight because you lost your pivotal seat and pivotal post now. I am starting to believe that the post was hacked off originally to save weight even though Sparks said that wasn't the reason. Face it, triangles are what make almost all frames sturdy even with cars and motorcycles, so don't be an idiot and go cutting out the one tiny piece that forms the largest triangle of the whole frame, because without that front triangle you might eventually need to become a professional uni-gaycyclist.

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