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sucks so.. bad i hope u guys find the fuckers stealing from ya


I would love to get the mother f?*#%r and beat the s$#t out of him, them I dont care
who it is. DAMN, that just pi#$es me off.


besides the TVs and money,they only stole bike parts and left all the skateboard stuff alone, everybody keep a look out for anybody that gets some new Primo forks, KHE tires, a Seneca seatpost, hazard lite front wheel, and a MacNeil seat, kill them first, ask questions later


is albes gonna have to choke a bitch?

sick Dane Wild on them....with a blowtorch and pliers.hes resourceful...


so whens the help a brotha out jam?
we as a community should do some sort of jam,hold it at the park,everyone donate something on top of admission,that(those) assholes that did this should not get the upper hand.ALSO this is our scene!support those that support you!!
let's rally up and throw down>>>>man!!

paul smith

yea there are sum shady ppl around there latly i just had my brand new jacket n hat stolen last night from there

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