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Kris K

damn man, i gotta a set of safety goggles you can wear... they work great, one of my pair have a huge scratch from my brake lever in it from a big gap gone horribly wrong, saved my ass (or eye for that matter)


yo sparks
maybe just try a learn to flow a bit
some carves, kickouts and tucks
its not worth it, son
take it easy
maybe even take up reading
theres alot of good books out there.


fullface helmet. get one. seriously man haha.

pee sha

sure... crashed-

but really, who kicked ya ass?


DANM ! What the hell happen Master Sparks?
Look like you got in to a fight with like 20 dudes at the same time. I bet you WON!

capone rider

ya ok there bud you got ur ass beat man ur a fuckin lyer dude


bmx does some crazy shit to people.

mike fede

wow man.. if that is really what you trying then you are seriously nuts ha ha.. but thats one reason why i love you, you aren't afraid to try something new at least once or 100 times.. get at me bro..<3 -mike-

kris k

no doubt in my mind mat could be the first bmxer to pull a faceplant. he probably created a fault line somewhere in michigan, no doubt it be near a 5 foot box jump or a quarter pipe normal people call vert walls... watch out for them kangaroos!

Ed Smits

thats actually John Smith's mistress!

John Smith

Be nice Ed. You wouldn't want to end up as Turbo's Mistress now...would you?


karma is a bitch.. ha

matt 0

sparks go to a bar and use this on the ladys

random babe:"oh my god what happend"
sparks:"eh just a barfight"
radome babe:"oh my god are you ok?"
sparks:"oh im fine if you think this is bad you should have seen the other guy....."

Don Delaweeese

i'll bet the other guy got it worse.

Jake the Ripper (Jacob Barbee)

Hey Matt,

This is Jake the Ripper (your cousin)from Tennessee, your face is jacked, check out my messed up face video on youtube, we look like twins.


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